Full Playing Entitled to the playing, social and clubhouse privileges of the club.

Full First Year – Must not have been a Full Playing member of any previous club. Valid for the first full playing year only.

Student – Full Playing membership for full-time students.

Associate – Must be a financial Full Playing Member of another bowling club. Entitled to playing, social and clubhouse privileges but may not enter any club trophy events or represent the club.

Social – May participate in social and clubhouse activities. May play on club greens only at such times and subject to such conditions as may from time to time be authorised by the Executive.


Full Member – $250

First-Year Player – $125

Full-time Student – $75

Associate Member – $75

Social Member – $20

ENTRY FEES (Unless otherwise stated)

Open 1-Day Tournaments:   $10 per player

Championships & Club Trophy Events:  $5 per player


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  1. Hi there I would like to join as a full new member. I’m keen to play inter club. When does the season start? Kind regards,
    Clark Mazey

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