Club History

The Tauranga Bowling Club was established on 18 April 1906 and is considered the oldest Bowling Club in Tauranga. A three rink green was established between 3rd and 4th Avenues but the tenure of the land was unsure so a four rink green was set up on the corner of Devonport Road and 6th Avenue. This proved to be unsuitable due to being low-lying so in
1910 on permission of the Domain Board the club moved to its present site.

In 1921 the Domain Board granted land for a second green but because of the difficult depression years it was not until 1937 that this green was formed. In 1956 the club celebrated its 50th Jubilee where active membership stood at 127.

A new pavilion was built beside the No.2 green in 1969, and in 1981 the club celebrated its 75th anniversary with a week of social activities and a two-day invitation tournament. Unfortunately in 1982 a disastrous fire virtually destroyed the old pavilion which resulted in it being demolished.

1994 saw the introduction of women members to the club and a division call Tauranga Domain Women’s Bowling Club was formed with a membership of 43. In the year 2000, both the Men’s and Women’s club’s amalgamated to form the club that is present today.